Best Motorcycle Stunt Videos

Best Motorcycle Stunt VideosI know that technically speaking this isn’t a motorcycle, but what a way to start the show! Let’s see if any motorcycles can match that!Some pretty amazing stuff huh, but they’re only a hairs breadth away from ending up on the “Top 20 Motorcycle Accident Videos” page. It’s a fine line between talent, bravery and stupidity . . .Bless, everybody has to start somewhere, and this isn’t the “best motorcycle stunts”, it’s the “best motorcycle stunt videos” . . . spot the difference?Alright alright, we’re back with the big boys now!So why do they tell you not to do this stuff at home, and then tell you how to do it???? Beats me, but please, DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME or at anybody elses house for that matter.

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