3-Wheel Motorcycle: A Few More Riding Tips

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3-Wheel Motorcycle: A Few More Riding Tips

Although your 3 wheel motorcycle will be a much larger presence on the roads than a scooter or a regular 2 wheeled motorcycle, you’re still not as big as a car or a truck. You might not believe it, but some other road users might not even see you. For this very reason, you have to be extra vigilant and extra smart whilst riding any type of motorcycle.

You might find it useful to “gen up” on life behind a wind-shield and be aware of the issues which are present between motorcycle riders of all types, and car and truck drivers. It never hurts to see life from the other side of the coin, don’t you think?

You should also be aware of the affects of riding your 3 wheeler motorcycle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Only a couple of drinks really can make a big difference to your judgment and your ability to ride your trike safely.

A group of motorcycles driving along the road is an awesome sight, and throw in a couple of 3-wheelers and for many it’s like a highway to heaven, but to make sure that you don’t end up on your way to heaven before your time, take a look at these observations and rules of the road whilst driving in a group.

Nobody wants to put their pride and joy at risk of being stolen, but there are some people out there who would just love to own something so special, without having to go the trouble of paying for it. These tips on how to keep your three wheel motorcycle secure are well worth reading. Don’t let your three wheeled pride and joy end up being another statistic on the local news.

Don’t worry, no animals were injured during the shooting of this video . . . I hope –¬†and as for the rider . . . he didn’t feel a thing!

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