Motorcycle Slang: P – R

A Ducati 1098 motorcycle seen on the street.

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Motorcycle Slang: P –  R

Panniers – are the bags you can use to carry your shopping, spare sandals or waterproofs (or anything else you want really, I’m just giving you a few examples). Soft bags are made from soft fabric, hard bags are made from rigid plastic, both are good but make sure that they don’t touch anything hot (like the exhaust) or you could be in serious bother.

Pasta Rocket – is an Italian sports bike – they don’t only make Ferrari’s and Lambo’s in Italy you know, they make some pretty quick bikes too – Aprilia, Ducati . . . pasta rockets.

Pavement Surfing – not an extreme sport and not a good idea. It means sliding along at high speed without your motorcycle . . . got the picture?

Pipes – this doesn’t refer to some musical instrument which rats follow, this means exhaust pipes baby – pipes – exhaust, yeah!

Poker Run – these are great fun. They’re a style of motorcycle rally whereby each rider stops at 5 checkpoints “en route” to draw a card from a deck, the one with the best poker hand at the end of the rally wins. You’ve got to –  “know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em, know when to walk away, know when to run . . . ”

Pull – if your motorbike has plenty of “pull” you’ll be able to accelerate pretty rapidly . . . and if you’ve got plenty of “pull” you should have no trouble finding a red hot biker chick to ride pillion . . .  If you’re both well endowed with “pull”, the world is your oyster . . .

Rainbows – in motorbike world are pretty, pretty dangerous that is. It means an oil spill in the street, to be avoided whenever possible, slippery little suckers.

Rice burner – if a pasta rocket is an Italian motorcycle, what do you think a rice burner could be? Come on, I’m not doing all of the thinking for you, it’s a Japanese motorcycle of course.

Rice rocket – is a sports rice burner!

Ride Captain – takes the lead on a group ride, (front door!)

Ride Lieutenant – takes it up the rear, I mean, takes the rear (back door!)

Rippin’ It Up – is fast, aggressive motorbike riding.

Road Gator – is the bits of tire debris which can be left on the road after a blow-out. They might look harmless enough to a car but can be a real hazard for motorcycles, especially if the steel bands are still there.

Road Rash – if you wear the proper gear you shouldn’t have to worry about road rash – imagine pavement surfing in a t-shirt – ouch . . .

Roost – gets its name because it looks a bit like a roosters tail – it’s the spray of mud which comes off the back tire of the motorcycle from spinning in the mud – commonly seem with moto x and dirt bikes.

Rubber – hubba bubba, burn that rubba – tires baby, tires. . .

Rubberside – is the opposite of ironside (not the detective) the bottom of the motorcycle where the rubber meets the road.

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