Motorcycle Slang: D – G

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Motorcycle Slang: D –  G

Detonation – is slang for “knock” – that sounds pretty slang too doesn’t it. Anyway, it means basically that the sequence of combustion in the engine, instead of being smooth and controlled keeps having violent outbursts – needs a bit of engine anger management.

Drag Bars – are handle bars which are low and straight, and don’t sweep up from the risers.

Drag Pipes – are exhaust pipes which are low and short, and run along the motorcycle frame.

Dual Density Armor – back on the armor again. This is the cheapest sort, as you might have guessed, it’s two densities of foam which are sandwiched together to afford you protection. Armor is important to keep you safe.

Dual Sport – are motorbikes which are designed for use both on and off-road. Sometimes the motorcycle is basically a dirt bike with added bits to make them road legal, other dual sport motorcycles are road bikes with adjusted suspension for going over bumpy ground. Either way, they’re good fun.

Duals – however, are nothing to do with that, and nothing to do with armor either (fighting duals, you know . . . )Duals are motorcycles which have two completely separate exhausts, possibly one for the rear cylinder and one for the front.

Eat Asphalt – if you eat asphalt it means that you’ve crashed . . . you know, hit the road . . .

Endo – is a bit like a wheelie but on the other wheel. Also known as a stoppie, when performing an endo you stop the motorcycle and balance it on the front wheel only, with the rear wheel in the air.

Enduro – this word has been more or less overtaken by the more popular term of “dual sport”. It’s a motorcycle which is designed to go both on and off the road.

Fairing – is the plastic part which can be fitted to the front of the motorcycle to protect the rider from the wind and rain, as well as other possible debris.

Fathead – steady, we’re not going to need the anger management again are we? No, a “Fathead” is a dual cam V-Twin motorcycle, first manufactured in 1999 and still in production today.

Flathead – is how your hair looks when you take your brain bucket off, but it also refers to a V-Twin engine which was manufactured between 1929 and 1972. There’s a lot to remember isn’t there, lots of dates . . .

Fast Riding Award – is the same as a coupon – a speeding ticket. Try not to collect too many of these awards, it’s not big and it’s not clever.

Fat – here we go again. Motorcycle slang can sound pretty rude don’t you think, but this doesn’t generally refer to the rider, it refers to how the engine is running. If your engine is running fat then it means that it’s running too rich (too much fuel, not enough air). If your engine is running fat you can clog up your spark-plug, cough out loads of thick smoke and even bog down the engine.

Fishtails – not to be confused with fishnets – sometimes worn in secret beneath the motorcycle pants for extra warmth!! . . . fishtails are exhaust tips which are shaped a bit like fishtails – easy.

Flogging It – doesn’t mean that it’s up for sale, it means that you’re riding hard at full throttle.

Four Banger – is a powerful motorcycle engine with four cylinders all in a row . . .

Front Door – opposite of back door, the front rider in a group of motorcyclists.

Gag It – turning the throttle wide open from a rolling start (maybe 50 mph) in high gear. Gagging for it is something a bit different, for when you’ve stopped in a secluded place . . .

Get Off – I’ll give you a clue, you might get off and eat asphalt. Yep, either way you’ve dropped it.

Giggle Gas – is nitrous oxide which can give your motorcycle a pretty amazing power boost, even though it doesn’t last forever. Kind of like motorcycle Viagra.

Gore-Tex – is some really good stuff they use to make waterproof motorcycle gear. It stops the rain from coming in, but doesn’t stop your sweat from going out. Make sure that you don’t wear it inside out – could be disastrous.

Gumball – is a rear tire after it’s done loads of burnouts. Smooth rubber.

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