Motorcycle Terms, Definitions & Slang

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Motorcycle Terms, Definitions & Slang

Just like many other hobbies, sports or other activities, motorcyclists have a secret language, all of their own. Well, it’s not so secret really, although that doesn’t mean that the “uninitiated” won’t be left wondering what on earth they’re talking about and scratching their heads. Some of these words are actually used very regularly – but do you know what they are talking about? I mean, exactly what is a “chopper”. If you ask “Mr Wikipedia” what a chopper is, you’ll get loads of different possibilities:

Chopper may refer to:

  • Chopper (weapon), a type of medieval weapon
  • AK-47 as used in street slang/rap lyrics. Prolific in New Orleans rap, where the city is known as “Chopper City”
  • Attacking Chopper, the table tennis style
  • Thompson submachine gun
  • The part of a mechanical siren that rapidly cuts the flow of air to make a sound, closely fitted to the stator assembly
  • Choppers (mittens), a leather mitten often worn in the upper Midwest

Or more specifically, when referring to transportation:

  • “Chopper”, an informal term for a Helicopter
  • Chopper bicycle
  • Chopper (motorcycle), a type of customized motorcycle
  • Raleigh Chopper, a bicycle model

At last we seem to be getting somewhere.  A chopper, in motorcycle circles, is used to describe just about any customized bike these days, but originally it referred to standard bikes which had bits “chopped off” reducing them to the bare minimum.  Smaller gas tanks installed, fenders removed (chopped off), changing the forks and handlebars are all examples of how your bike could become a “chopper”.

How about this? SQUID. This is something you definitely don’t want to be described as: –

  • S – tupidly
  • Q – uick
  • U – nderdressed
  • I – mminently
  • D-ead

Yep, if someone refers to a SQUID they don’t think it’s big and they don’t think it’s clever – they think that you are reckless and inexperienced, and ride your motorcycle far beyond your capabilities, putting not only yourself in danger but others too. Too fast to live, too young to die – don’t you believe it.

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Now remember to wear your helmet and leathers at all times . . .

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