Preventing Motorcycle Theft


Preventing Motorcycle Theft

You’ll probably be pleased as punch when you take delivery of your shiny new motorcycle, even it’s a pre-owned it can still be your pride and joy, but don’t fool yourself, there are lots of other, unscrupulous people out there who would love to get their hands on your motorbike too – but they’re not prepared to pay for it. Motorcycles are pretty easy to wheel into the back of a truck or ride off into the sunset, if you don’t take the right precautions.

Don’t become a victim of motorcycle theft, follow a few simple but golden rules:

  • Lock your Motorcycle Ignition and then be sure to remove the key. Many motorcycle thefts happen when the ignition is switched off, but hasn’t been locked
  • Lock the disc brakes or forks with a lock which have brightly colored, large tags
  • Traveling with other motorcyclists? Lock your bikes together for extra safety
  • Traveling alone? Lock your motorcycle to something secure and stationery which can’t be dismantled or removed – a light pole, telegraph pole, tree, iron railings
  • Alarm your motorcycle with something LOUD!!!
  • If you’re spending the night at a hotel or motel, park your motorcycle within view of an outdoor security camera if possible, if you can’t do that, park it as closely to your room as possible and set the LOUD alarm
  • Keep an eye on it, particularly soon after you’ve parked up at some sort of event. Check it out periodically to make sure that it’s still there, and watch out for any suspicious looking characters lurking in the shadows.
  • Use a garage if possible when you are at home, and try to block your motorcycle in behind any cars etc, and make sure that the garage door is securely locked
  • Never leave the titles to your motorcycle in a tank bag, saddle bag or storage compartment. Leave it at home where it’s safe.
  • Secret markings on your bike which make it unique are a great idea, especially if you photograph them, then, if your motorcycle is stolen the police will be able to recognize it from the photos.
  • Registration and Insurance certificates should be kept with you while you ride.

Transporting Your Motorcycle on a Trailer

If, for any reason, you choose to transport your motorcycle somewhere by trailer (maybe you have a sports bike which isn’t registered for the road for example, or maybe you’re just moving your road bike somewhere) – then there are a few precautions you should take here too:

  • Try to park the trailer in a well lit area, close to security cameras, or close to the windows of the restaurant etc.
  • Always lock the trailer doors, and don’t forget to lock the hitch
  • Secure the trailer doors by backing close to a wall if possible – if there isn’t the room to open the doors, no-one can get inside and nick your bike
  • Memorize the license plate registration number of the trailer and any other distinguishing features
  • Make sure nobody is following you on your way home – very cloak and dagger huh?

Beware When Selling Your Motorcycle

It’s becoming increasingly common to steal motorcycles using fake identities. Never ever give the title to your motorcycle to anyone until the money is safely in the bank, the check is cleared or you know for sure that the money order is a valid one. You can always mail the title to the new owner at a later date. When you’re selling your motorcycle be sure to:

  • Take down the name, address, driver’s license number and date of birth of the buyer. Ask to check their driver’s license and check out that the details match
  • Always beware of people who have out-of-date identification – it’s very fishy
  • Beware of people who are dropped off to test-drive your motorcycle and plan on taking a one way trip. Verify that the potential buyer owns the vehicle that they’ve arrived in, and if that vehicle is of greater value than your motorcycle you should be in the clear if they drive off and leave it with you
  • If you’re selling your motorbike on consignment, don’t provide them with the signed title until you’ve got all of your money and it’s safely cleared in the bank. Only deal with a reputable dealership business.
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