Car & Truck Driver Safety Issues

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Car & Truck Driver Safety Issues

The rules of the road apply to all road users, and in order for all road users to be able to co-exist happily and safely, it’s really important that everyone can see the potential hazards from each others points of view. With that in mind, I’ve compiled a few of the most common safety issues which car and truck drivers need to take into account about motorcyclists, and motorcyclists need to understand the way that some car and truck drivers think and behave.

What Every Car & Truck Driver Needs to Know About Motorcycles

  • There are many more cars and trucks on the roads than there are motorcycles, and very often these drivers simply don’t recognize a motorcycle – it just gets ignored, although not on purpose I hasten to add. Be extra careful to watch out for motorcycles, especially at intersections etc.
  • Motorcycles are much smaller than other vehicles, and because of that you can mistakenly think that they are further away than they really are. You might also have trouble judging the speed that the motorcycle is traveling. Always try to think that a motorcycle is closer than you really think it is – if you get my meaning – just to be on the safe side.
  • Motorcycles are much smaller than other vehicles (I know, I’ve already said that), but that can create another problem, they can be easily hidden in the “blind spot” of a car or truck, or behind bushes, bridges, fences etc. Whenever you are changing lanes or turning, take an extra second to take an extra careful look.
  • Don’t make the assumption that all motorcyclists drive like maniacs and are moving fast – it’s not true.
  • Some motorcyclists don’t even use the brakes to slow down, they just downshift, so you might not get any warning lights when they are reducing speed. Try to think like them when you are approaching an intersection, say, behind them, and predict when they will start to slow down.
  • Unlike the majority of cars and trucks, the turn signals on motorbikes do not cancel themselves out after the turn is made. Don’t assume that a motorcycle is making another immediate turn, he might simply have forgotten to turn off the signal. Make sure that the signal is for real before you make your move.
  • Motorcyclists sometimes have to adjust their position in a lane because of road debris or to be more visible to other road users – don’t assume that they are just showing off or offering to share their lane with you if they shift position in their lane.
  • Just because motorcycles are smaller than you, and more maneuverable than you, don’t assume that they will get out of your way, they might not be able to dodge out of the way in time, even if they want to. They have the right of way too, respect that.
  • The stopping distance for a motorcycle is similar to that of a car, but wet or slippery conditions can make a big difference to that. Always give them plenty of room to stop.
  • A motorcycle driving along the highway is not simply a motorcycle, it is a person – remember that!
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