10 Top Motorcycle Safety Tips

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10 Top Motorcycle Safety Tips

Motorcycle fatalities (that’s not a very nice way to start a page is it, but do read on . . . please) represent around 5% of all fatalities on the highway in the US each year, that might not sound like tooooo many, but when you then realize that motorcycles only actually make up around 2% of registered vehicles, you begin to realize that the figure is much higher than perhaps it ought to be.  Motorcycles don’t offer protection to the rider in the way that cars or other vehicles do, how about this then . . . approximately 80% of all reported motorcycle accidents result in the rider being injured or even killed, but in cars this figure is only 20%. Hmm, wonder why that could be:

  • Not taking the necessary riding precautions
  • Not having the necessary riding skills
  • Not driving in a defensive manner
  • Speeding (say no more!)
  • Not realizing the motorcycles limitations

Due to all of the above, I’ve compiled my list of

10 Top Motorcycle Safety Tips

Of course, life doesn’t come with guarantees, but if you follow these 10 top motorcycle safety tips then you’ll be less likely to be added to the above statistics.

  1. Always treat other motorists and road-users in a courteous fashion (that’s one image blown away for starters)
  2. Avoid tailgating at all times – keep your distance from the vehicle in front
  3. Don’t ride between the lanes, they might look wide enough but don’t be tempted to try and share someone elses space, you might get a little more than you’d bargained for
  4. Know all of the traffic laws, and then stick to them
  5. Don’t move around stationery traffic – you never know when it will start off again and other road-users won’t be expecting you
  6. Avoid making excessive noise with your motorcycle (I know you might think it sounds great, but . . . )
  7. 70% of motorcycle accidents happen at intersections so make sure that you’re extra careful and alert
  8. Always check in your rear view mirrors before switching lanes
  9. Keep an eye out for road hazards
  10. Imagine that you are invisible to other drivers (which you often are) and make it your mission to be in a position where you can be clearly seen


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