Motorcycle Safety Tips

Motorcycle Safety Tips

Car & Truck Driver Safety Issues – roads are for all road users,whether it be a car, a truck or a motorcycle. Unfortunately, motorcycles are by far the smallest and generally come off worst if there is a collision. Read this to see about road life from the other side of the street, so to speak.

Group Motorcycle Riding – there’s nothing like riding your motorcycle out on the open road, especially if you’re with a bunch of mates who have the same passion for riding. There is, however, a rule of thumb and riding etiquette to follow, to make sure that you all arrive safely and in the same place.

Motorbikes and Alcohol Awareness – drinking and driving don’t mix, and when you’re riding a motorcycle you are in even greater danger of having an accident, even if you’ve only had a small amount of alcohol.

Motorcycle Before You Ride – Safety Inspection Check List – a few tips about what to check to make sure that your motorcycle is fit for the road and not in need of any TLC.

Motorcycle Operator Manual – Part I – is all about the preparations you should make before you ride your motorcycle, what to wear, etc etc (does that remind you of Yul Brinner in “The King and I” – etcetera, etcetera, etcetera?) fantastic stuff but I must be getting old – Yul who?

Motorcycle Operator Manual – Part II – covers the basics of riding safely within your comfort zone. Of course, you can’t learn how to operate your motorcycle by words alone, you need to practice, practice, and then practice a little bit more.

Motorcycle Operator Manual – Part III – not everyone travels at the same speeds along the road, and passing and being passed can be quite an occasion until you get used to it.

Motorcycle Operator Manual – Part IV – in order to be safe on your motorcycle, you have to be seen. If nobody knows you are there you are in real danger . . .

Motorcycle Operator Manual – Part V – slippery and uneven surfaces can be a minor inconvenience in a car, but on a motorcycle . . .

Motorcycle Operator Manual – Part VI – covers a few more things which you might have to deal with while riding your motorcycle – including giving your mate a lift.

Motorcycle Operator Manual – Part VII – driving and alcohol are both great in their own way, but should never be attempted at the same time! Need I say more?

Motorcycle Riding Tips – a kind of beginners guide to keeping safe on your motorcycle.

Preventing Motorcycle Theft – you might not be the only one admiring your new motorcycle. Now that you’ve got it, you’ve got to keep it safe from predators.

Riding Your Motorcycle With a Passenger – carrying a passenger on your motorcycle can really change the way of things – here are a few things for you to watch out for.

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