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Motorcycle Manufacturers – Motorcycle Companies: R – Y

Redneck Engineeringthey build cool, affordable, functional motorcycles for everyday folks – well, that’s what they say anyway. In reality, their bikes are cool, pretty affordable and definitely functional – so I guess they’re not kidding. You can even have one of their own custom Redneck Rockets, or they’ll do some mods to your own bike.

Ridley Motorcycle Company – build automatic compact cruisers (three quarter size) – how cool is that? And easy to ride – easy rider . . .

Rokon – really are the “go anywhere” vehicle. If it can’t get up and over, it’ll simply go through, yes, they’re that tough. Rokon build the most rugged, versatile all terrain vehicles you can get your paws on.

Ron Simms Custom Cycles– they’ve been building show stopping crowd pleasers for almost thirty years, so they must be doing something right. First and foremost these bikes are for riding, then they’re for admiring . . . Whether you’re a bit of a Thug Screemer, a Blue Gambler or an Orange Dragon, these bikes along with the rest of the stable will certainly turn some heads.

Royal Enfield – the classic British motorcycle, with or without a sidecar.

Royal Enfield India– there’s loads of history attached to Royal Enfield, and there are still some fantastic motorcycles to be had – great 500cc and 350cc motorcycles and much much more. Can you catch the Bullet – the engineering has been advanced, but the traditional features have been retained – best of both worlds for this Royal Prince among motorcycles.

Russell Marlowe offer a complete motorcycle customizing service – they’ll see to your old bike, sell you another or even supply you with some custom bits and pieces so that you can do the job yourself.

Surgical-Steeds – no two Steed customized motorcycles are ever the same, but they do have one thing in common – they are all Built To Ride . . .

Suzuki needs no introduction – they’re racing pedigree is second to none – right at this minute they’re busy defending six championship titles. If racing’s not your thing, then there’s still a Suzuki to suit you, they’ve got a fantastic range of sports bikes, cruisers, tourers, motocrossers, kids crossers, scooters, even “normal” bikes. Is there any such thing as a normal Suzuki? I think not!

Thunderbolt Enterprises– providers of the ultimate frameless V8 motorbike – every big boys dream. Boys and their toys eh!

Titan Motorcycle Company – they’re big, they’re bad, and they’re back in business. The first name in hand-built, custom motorcycles in the States – they still know how to build the “wow” factor into every motorcycle.

Triumph– when Moses came down from Mt. Sinai in his Triumph, do you think the bible meant one of these bad boys? Maybe, they’ve certainly been around a long time. I bet it was a Bonneville, or maybe a Thunderbird Storm – only joking, but you can bet your bottom dollar that if they’d been around then, he’d have used one.

Ural America – these Russian sidecar motorcycles are the most popular in the world, selling more than 3 million models to date – these sidecars are great for all sorts of reasons – giving the missus a lift, fetching the groceries, taking the dog!

V-8 Trikes –  fancy having 249 horses between your legs – whoa there! This bunch build some of the best V-8 three wheeled touring choppers in the world – high performance, high class, and such power, can you handle it?

Vento Motorcycles– makers of motorcycles with attitude – a real bad a** attitude. Whether it’s a scooter, a cruiser, an ATV or an off roader.

Victory Motorcycles – V is for Victory, and that’s just what Victory Motorcycles achieved when, just one short year after bursting onto the scene, the 1999 Motorcycle Cruiser was voted “Cruiser of the Year”. If you’re a bit of a cruiser who feels the need to burn some rubber, remember the name.

West Coast Choppersis a must for any “chopper-holics”, and if you’re not one already, prepare to be converted.

Wild West Motor Company – manufacturing exotic, individual, hand-built custom motorcycles. They’re all built to order, so if you have an idea of exactly what you want, go to the Wild West and tell them. Do you think you can handle the new Road Warrior – you need to have pretty long legs by the looks of it.

Yamaha – another one of the “big boys” which needs no introduction.  Whether you want to travel by road, track, across the country, over the snow, across the water or in a go-kart – they’ve got the job sorted.

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