Motorcycle Manufacturers – Motorcycle Companies: D – P

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Motorcycle Manufacturers – Motorcycle Companies: D –  P

Death Row Motorcycleswas born from passion in 2003, with the aim to “bridge the gap between custom and production motorcycles” – and that’s exactly what they’ve achieved. Not for the faint hearted, do you fancy riding down the road on a Lethal Injection? You can even get a tattoo while you’re choosing your favorite.

Desperado Motorcycles – here you’ll find a great selection of hand built, individually custom designed  V-Twin high performance motorcycles. They don’t believe in the production line technique, they just concentrate on building the “Worlds Best Motorcycles” individually.

DiMora Motorcycles – combines American steel with Italian flair and design to produce some truly amazing American custom bikes, and have been for more than thirty years. Like Desperado Motorcycles, they concentrate on quality over quantity, but boy do they do a good job.

Drysdale Motorcycle Company– builds V8 Superbikes down under in Australia. Their aim was to produce a legal road bike, with all of the benefits and handling of a factory racer and they’ve achieved just that – awesome.

Ducatineeds no introduction, and neither does one of their racers – Valentino Rossi, one of the most famous, popular and successful motorbike racers in history and holder of no less than 9 world titles. Well, all I can say is that if Ducati is good enough for “The Doctor”, surely it’s good enough for you too.

Exile Cycles – if you like to ride tough, then go on down to Exile Cycles. They’ve got a great range of bikes – Harley style – but with a definite spin of their own. Go on, take a look, you know you want to.

Gas Gasthese bikes are so much fun they named them twice! Okay, but really, they are great fun and the ultimate trial riders bike. Don’t try riding over your Mother’s car for practise though, she might not like it.

Hannigan Motorsports – they want to give you “the RIDE of your life” so why not let them? They’re experts in making things like sidecars, motorcycle trailers, trikes and tri-cars for loads of different motorcycles – Harleys, BMW, Kawasaki, BMW, Gold Wings . . . you know the sort of thing.

Harley Davidson – Harley who?? Just kidding. Harley Davidson have been building the ultimate biker bikes since bikers were invented, in fact, which came first, the Harley Davidson or the biker? It’s a bit like the chicken and the egg isn’t it? If you can’t have the motorcycle, buy a jacket anyway – they’re so cool!

Honda – nobody has ever really come close to the flagship of the Honda fleet, the Gold Wing – it’s closer to the size of a car then a motorcycle isn’t it? How does it manage to stay on two wheels, beats me. For real touring comfort, you can just go on and on with a Gold Wing, but Honda have lots of other great models too – other street bikes, ATV’s, Offroaders – the whole package.

Husaberg Motorcycles – are from Sweden and was actually started by a bunch of entrepreneurs and engineers from Husqvarna when production ended in Sweden – they had a vision and a dream – I have a dream . . .

Husqvarna Motorcycles – they started building “Huskys” in Sweden way back in 1903. They were eventually taken over by BMW who have continued the great tradition of building superb enduro and supermoto bikes – the stuff that Husky’s are really good at.

Indian Motorcycle Company – with a legacy stretching back for almost 100 years, America’s First Motorcycle can still turn heads.  There’s nothing quite so noble and proud as an Indian Motorcycle.

JAWA – make motorcycles in the Czech Republic – they’re pretty good at it too.

Kawasaki – they just get better and better, with an unparalleled range of motorcycles, ATV’s, Utility vehicles, watercraft, tourers, cruisers, off-roaders – if you’re not keen on the lime green, other colors are available.  Can you believe that the Ninja is 25 years old? No, me neither, where does time go?

KTM – the off-road specialists supplying performance, quality and innovation. Are you ready to race, because they are . . . the orange perils.

Las Vegas Trikes – supplying custom made V8 powered trikes of distinction. The style, the design, the colors, the chrome, the power . . . Dare you ride the Widowmaker?

Lightening Motorcycles –  fancy taking to the open road with your three wheeled, open air, V-8 powered, two passenger trike. Yes, you can even take a couple of pals along. All customized to individual requirements, use your imagination – the power of a sports motorcycle, the comfort of a touring bike and the safety and stability of a car.

Moto Guzzi – as with all great ideas, way back in the early 1900’s, Carlo Guzzi couldn’t find the perfect motorcycle, so he did what any self respecting Italian enthusiast would do, and built his own. They’ve come a long way since those days but their innovative style still demands the respect of bikers everywhere. The “Eagle” truly soars.

Orange County Choppers – are world famous, mind you, having your own TV show certainly helps. The world was awoken to the world of customized choppers thanks to the reality TV show, and what a truly remarkable job they do.  These choppers are just awesome.

Piaggio – you might not have heard of Piaggio, but you’ve certainly heard of what they make – Vespas! What would the mods have had to ride, or Mediterranean families for that matter – how many people can you fit on yours – there’s room for at least 3 on the seat, one on the drivers shoulders, a couple of toddlers standing in the footwell and one in the basket!  If it wasn’t for Vespas – history certainly wouldn’t have been the same.

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