Motorcycle Manufacturers – Motorcycle Companies: A – C

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Motorcycle Manufacturers – Motorcycle Companies:  A – C

Apriliafirmly established as one of Europe’s top motorcycle manufacturers, and they do pretty well at racing too, with the added genius of involving the guy who steered the fantastic Aprilia RSV4 Superbike to the world superbike title also becoming involved in the development of the road bikes. Ouch! Those Italians have flair in all the right places.

Arrow Custom Cycle Ltd – a relative newcomer in the world of motorcycle companies, they’ve only been around since the late 90’s but boy have they made an impression (even without the scantily clad female draped all over the custom made motorcycles). They can build ’em, polish ’em or tweak ’em for you . . . for a custom made performance bike like no other.

ATK Motorcycles – “Born in the USA” – the only ones of their kind – ATK is the only off-road motorcycle manufacturer where the vehicles are all “Made in the USA”. Makes you want to go all patriotic and  Bruce Springfield doesn’t it? They’re race ready – are you?

Argo USA – Argo scooters are made in India but you can still have a lot of fun on them over here. There’s a great selection of scooters, mopeds, motorcycles and trikes. Go on, you can have fun and save a little gas at the same time.

Baja Auto Ltd – is another Indian manufacturer of motorcycles, trikes, scooters and mopeds.

Benelli Motorcycles– These babies have been ridden by many of the most famous motor cycle racers in history, and they’ve decided to hit the tracks once more now competing in the World Superbikes. It’s their hundredth anniversary this year but don’t think they’re past it, these old Italian motorcycles have certainly managed to keep up with the times. It’s all down to the Mediterranean diet of olive oil and tomatoes you know (the designers, not the motorcycles, they still run on gas).

Beta USA – specialize in the manufacture of trail bikes – ah, the smell of race fuel, the rev of the motor,  life on two wheels sure is exciting!

Big Dog Motorcycles– if you fancy cruising down the highway on a high performance, v-twin, custom built motorcycle called a Pitbull, Ridgeback, Mastiff or a Wolf, then that’s right, you need a Big Dog Motorcycle. Is it’s bark worse than it’s bite – nope, you’ve gotta try one to believe it. Get your motor running . . .

Big Mikes Choppers – have you noticed they all like to be BIG – there aren’t any “Little” chopper companies – maybe when we get to the “L’s”. Anyway, if you fancy tearing up the highway on a Hooligan get yourself down to BMC.

Bimota Motorcycles – the Italians have brought us lots of great food, some fantastic cars, some stylish fashion houses as well as the tastiest olive oil and wine, but don’t forget the beauty and style of their fantastic motorcycles too. Italians really know how to do it on two wheels or four, in fact, nobody really does style like the Italians.

BMW USA Motorcyclesyou may associate those three little letters, B, M & W with cars, but don’t forget that BMW make a pretty awesome motorcycle too – in all shapes and sizes. They make them Big, Medium and Wee (that’s Scottish for small), well small-ish anyway.

Boom Trikes UK it doesn’t matter whether you’re a member of the two wheel, or the four wheel crowd, nothing quite turns your head like a three-wheeler, they’re awesome aren’t they, and Boom Trikes UK has been turning heads for more than ten years.  They just look so cool, with “Big Daddy” in the driving seat, a good few meters behind his front wheel (how long are those forks?) and Mama perched up on the “sofa” in the back – happy days!

Boss Hoss Motorcycles – if you fancy a throbbing V8  “down-under” you’d better visit Boss Hoss. Boss Hoss Motorcycles make V8 powered motorcycles in New Zealand – what were you thinking?

Bourget’s Bike Works Inc– you might be forgiven for thinking that we’re talking about another continental motorcycle manufacturer, but no, Bourget’s Bike Works is a custom made manufacturer in Phoenix Arizona since 1993. Prepare to be left speechless by their amazing creativity. A motorcycle is a thing of beauty, especially if it’s been anywhere near Bourget’s Bike Works.

Britten Motorcycle Co – back again down under, the Britten Motorcycle Company was established by a bunch of enthusiasts who were all inspired and motivated by John Britten – race-bike building genius.

Buell Motorcycles– sadly closed it’s doors in 2009 after an amazing 26 year run. Don’t despair if you’ve got one though, Harley Davidson are committed to supplying replacement parts for the next 7 years so you can still have fun on your Buell for the time being at least.

Cagiva Motorcycles USA – the official importers of MV Augusta Motorcycles from Italy. It seems we just can’t get enough of that Italian style whether it’s two wheels, four wheels, handbags or shoes.

California Custom Cycles – handcrafted hot rods and bitchin’ parts, I didn’t say that, it was Joe Cree at California Customs, who’s been lovingly creating custom motorcycles for more than twenty years, and with models  like King Daddy, Big Gun, Killer, Coaster and Bob Job (to name but a few) he’s doing a pretty awesome job of it.

Campagna Corporation – are striving to create the finest three wheeler in the world, in Canada. Go for it guys, we all love those trikes, but wait a minute – is it a motorcycle? Is it a car? Who knows, but they look pretty awesome from where I’m standing.

California Sidecar – pride themselves on attention to detail, and just one glimpse of their fantastic trikes, trailers and sidecars you’ll know why. Yes, they make trailers and sidecars for their trikes, who said the open road was a lonely place to be, you can have your mate right along side you, traveling in style. 

Cerro Motos – are made in Argentina, and offer a great range of street bikes, enduro bikes (good for rounding up the cattle I expect), scooters, quads and choppers.  

Chang Jiang – have “Made in China” firmly stamped on them, and mostly manufacture replicas and copies (no surprises there then!)

Chongging Union China– are at it too, in a big way. They manufacture motorcycles, trikes, scooters and ATV’s, and export them all over the world.

Cheetah V8 Trikes – offer all the thrills of two wheels, with three. They’re pretty sure that their trikes are safe, fun, and easy to steer with sharp cornering, and if you don’t believe me just pop along for a test drive.

Chopper Pro– will customize your Harley-Davidson or Indian motorcycle, as well as having lots of customized choppers and frames for sale. They’ve got rigid choppers, soft tail choppers, hardtail choppers, in fact, they’ve got any kind of chopper you can imagine – careful!

Cobra Motorcycle – if you have a youth (or are one) with a need for speed and a competitive nature, then you need to visit Cobra Motorcycles for your ready to race performance mini motocross bike. They’ve nabbed 45 national titles since 1993, why not see if you can help them to bag a few more?

Confederate Motorcycles, Inc. – these bad boys have a style all of their own, they’re truly unique, built in Louisiana – don’t even go there if you want to look like everybody else.

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