Why You Should Get More Than 3 Bids For Motorcycle Insurance


Why You Should Get More Than 3 Bids For Motorcycle Insurance

The chances are that you didn’t buy the first motorcycle that you saw, (well, let’s hope so anyway), you shopped around a little to make sure that the motorcycle was right for you, that the price was right and that it was the best deal you could find . . . so why should buying insurance for your motorcycle be any different?

Motorcycle Insurance is all the same so you might as well go with the first quote you get . . . . WRONG! Prepare to be very surprised at not only the different prices you’ll be quoted, but also the different amounts of cover offered for the price.

The price of your motorcycle insurance will depend on many things . . . your age, the type of motorcycle, value of it and engine capacity, how far you’ll be driving your motorcycle each year, where it will be stored . . . even where you live.

Motorcycle Insurance Companies do all work within the same criteria . . . sort of, but you’ll still find a surprisingly large range of prices among the¬†quotations.¬† Do yourself a favor and get at least 3 different bids for your motorcycle insurance before you sign on the dotted line and hand over any of your hard earned cash.

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