Deciding To Buy A Motorcycle

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Deciding To Buy A Motorcycle

People buy motorcycles for many different reasons, in fact, riding a motorcycle does have many advantages and there are some hardened bikers in the world who wouldn’t use any other form of transport. Benefits include:

  • Motorcycles offer Value – motorcycles can be cheaper to buy than many cars, but apart from that are also often cheaper to insure and have much lower running costs than the majority of cars. They’re not quite so thirsty for starters. They are often the first viable mode of transport for young people.
  • Motorcycles offer Speed – I’m not just talking about going fast here, but very often you can find that you’ll get through the traffic to your destination much quicker than you would if you were sitting in an endless queue of traffic in the car.
  • Motorcycles are Fun – even with your helmet, screen and/or goggles, you can still get that “wind in your hair” feeling. Motorcycles offer a great sense of fun and adventure.

Deciding To Buy A Motorcycle

However, (there’s always a however isn’t there) – if you decide to buy a motorcycle there are other things which you need to seriously take into account.

Be Safe – Be Seen On Your Motorcycle

  • Motorcycles are not so easy to spot by other road users – some motorists may have difficulty in seeing them and reacting in time
  • Keep your headlight on, night and day, to make yourself that little bit more visible
  • Wear reflective clothing, or at least clothing with reflective strips
  • Remember that cars and trucks have blind spots where they won’t be able to see you on your motorcycle
  • It’s a good idea to flash your braking light a couple of times before slowing down or stopping – advertise your intentions, that’s a good way to put it
  • Beep your horn if a motorist hasn’t noticed you and is in danger of causing an accident

Wear Protective Gear When Riding Your Motorcycle

  • Always wear the correct type of good quality helmet, make sure that it fits properly and is securely fastened every single time you ride your motorcycle, even if you’re only going around the block.
  • Thick leather jacket and pants, or alternatively some synthetic padded fabrics offer great protection from the weather and accidents.
  • Boots should also be worn, study footwear that at least covers and supports your ankles.

Take Care of Yourself on Your Motorcycle

  • It’s a good idea to assume that you are invisible – always ride defensively and don’t assume that other road users know you are there
  • Be alert to changing road conditions
  • Give yourself plenty of room and time to respond to other road users
  • Watch out for vehicles turning in front of you
  • Give clear signals in plenty of time
  • Don’t weave about between the lanes
  • Never ride your motorcycle if you’ve been drinking alcohol (even a drop), using drugs or are very tired
  • Know the rules of the road and stick to them

So is motorcycle riding for you? Should you ride a motorcycle or not? Well, that’s for you to decide, but whatever your decision always take the proper training, familiarize yourself with your motorcycle and practice, practice and then practice a bit more on a parking lot or quiet area of land, before putting yourself at the mercy of other road users.

Enjoy the Ride!

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