10 Motorcycle Buying Tips For First Time Buyers

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10 Motorcycle Buying Tips For First Time Buyers

Fancy yourself as a bit of a biker? Cruising down the highway with the wind in your face and your bandanna blowing behind you? Well, before you do anything rash you’d better read on . . .

  1. Don’t Buy a Motorcycle Because of a Whim – we’ve all bought things on the spur of the moment after briefly imagining that it’s just the thing for us (wonder why that old exercise bike just sprung into my head), but think about it realistically . . . is motorcycle riding really for you, is it really your “thing” or just a passing phase. Have you ever even ridden a motorcycle before? Think about it long, hard and realistically before you buy.
  2. Don’t Buy Something Too Powerful – it’s an image thing isn’t it? Many new motorcycle riders fancy themselves with something powerful throbbing between their legs, but it really isn’t wise to buy something which is too fast and powerful for you. You’re much better off buying something with a smaller engine and easier to handle to learn on, you can always move up a class later when you’ve had more experience. If you’re too buy worrying about dropping your new motorcycle, or it “running away with you” then it’ll spoil the fun won’t it.
  3. Check Out The Insurance Costs – before you buy your motorcycle! Remember, the bigger the cost of the bike, the bigger the cost of the premiums. The bigger the size of the engine, the bigger the size of the motorcycle insurance premiums.  Not sure whether that’s brilliant English, but you get the message don’t you? Check out how much it’s gonna cost you before you make your final decision on which bike to buy.
  4. Enrol On a Motorcycle Rider’s Course –  it really is a good idea to take a Motorcycle Safety Foundation Rider Course to learn how to ride a motorcycle properly. They know what they’re talking about and work hard to reduce the number of motorcycle accidents and fatalities on the roads each year . . . you might also get a bit of discount on the price of your motorcycle insurance if you’ve passed one of these courses . . . that’s certainly worth thinking about isn’t it?
  5. Shop Around For Used Motorcycles – if you’re in the market for a used motorcycle then now is a very good time to buy . . . unfortunately one persons bad fortune can definitely be anothers great fortune, and the current bad economy means that there are some real bargains to be had if you are prepared to look around a bit. Check online sites to get a good idea of what’s available.
  6. Visit Your Local Used Motorcycle Dealer – they’ll probably have some good bargains too, and should also be on hand with some great advice on what sort of motorcycle is suitable for first time riders and which should be saved for the more experienced.
  7. Checks For Used Motorcycles – if you are buying a used motorcycle then you must be sure to check the history report and the VIN number. This will tell you a little about the history of the motorcycle, whether it’s showing the right mileage, whether it’s ever been in an accident or been repossessed . .. that type of thing.
  8. Used Motorcycle Inspections – you’ve found your ideal motorcycle through a guy from work, and the guy from works best friends brother has found a naive newbie to buy his motorcycle . . . wrong. Don’t forget to look for some tell tale signs about the condition of the motorcycle and whether it’s actually up to the job. Always check: tires, even if they’ve got lots of tread on them they can still be dangerous if the tire walls are cracked, it can also mean that it’s been sitting around for a long time; engine, make sure that there aren’t any oil leaks, a sign that the bike has not been well maintained; hand controls, if the bike has spent much of it’s life sitting outside then they’ll look ragged and pitted; front forks must be free of leaks and rust free; brake calipers should also be checked for leaks and uneven wear . . . you don’t them to stop working do you? All in all, it’s really about checking that the motorcycle has been well maintained, whatever it’s age.
  9. Take Somebody With You – who knows a little more about it than you do. Most motorcycle riders will be only too happy to come along and share their knowledge with you, they’re a real friendly bunch you know, even if many of them do look a bit scary . . .
  10. Don’t Forget To Buy The Right Protective Gear – there’s a whole lot more stuff you’ll need to make your motorcycle riding experience truly enjoyable and safe. Don’t spend all of your money on the motorcycle, you’ll also need a well fitting helmet, gloves, boots, protective jacket etc. etc. etc.

Happy Motoring!

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